Is Tinnitus Curable? The definitive truth

So many people ask “Is Tinnitus Curable?”, and do lots of online searches to find the answer. Well, the answer is not a straight forward one. The medical field has categorised tinnitus as a symptom of other health problems in the human body. A symptom means feelings that tell the patient that something is not right. One might feel a tummy cramp and that is the feeling that may suggest something is wrong in the digestive system.

So, tinnitus is a manifestation of some health problems in the body. Doctors don’t treat symptoms as such. They have to get to the bottom of the problem and treat the disease. This is not done in a very simple way. It requires one to go through tests, examinations and trials. The main reason why so many tinnitus sufferers are frustrated by the problem is that doctors can’t usually get what the problem is. The usual answer from the doctors will be “You have tinnitus, it is incurable and you have to learn how to live with it.

That kind of reply will push people out to the traditional healers to find solution. There are so many traditional means claiming to get solution for tinnitus. It is very hard to argue if they really work or not. But, one thing is certain that it is not a well studied and regulated field. One can get help in a very short time and little cost but it could be a negative experience too.

The best advice I regards to tinnitus is to study the pattern and take measures that will ease the symptoms. So many tinnitus sufferers will state that anxiety and stress will increase the noise in their ears. That is a simple indicator that people have to avoid stress. The more stressed one is, the more the noise in the ears will be. Taking measure to avoid or reduce stress will always be beneficial. Stress will affect the body in many ways. In fact stress is at the level of great epidemic in the developed world.

So, for anyone suffering from tinnitus can apply any helpful measures that aim at alleviating the noise in the ear. Let it be clear to all that tinnitus is a symptom, not a disease by itself.